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What is Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty michiganRhinoplasty is a facial cosmetic procedure that is performed typically to either increase facial aesthetics or to correct structural defects of the nose that occured naturally or from an accident.

It can also be used to correct and alleviate breathing issues due to structural problems.

This procedure is known as Septorhinoplasty; and while similar in the fact that it also increases the visual appeal of the nose; it has the addition of removing structural obstructions and correcting stabilizers.

The procedure can alter:

  • Nose proportions/size
  • Depressions or humps that lay along the bridge
  • Unaesthetic or impractical nasal tips; whether that be from being enlarged, saggy, hooked, or upturned
  • Asymmetrical issues
  • Wide or large nostrils
  • Structural or stabilizing issues that cause pain or breathing impairment


nose job michiganRhinoplasty is far from being a new concept. In fact treatments of repairing of the nose date all the way back to the times of Ancient Egyptians.

Where notes and transcriptions regarding their version of the modern day equivalent are dated back as far as 3000 BC.

Similar techniques were also undergone in ancient India around 800 BC and in the Roman Empire approaching and into the AD period.

As centuries continued to pass the procedure now known as rhinoplasty had been performed, tweaked, revised, and re-discovered throughout the times and into the current modern day.



Before undergoing the operation you will discuss your cosmetic concerns with your surgeon. It is important at this point to set reasonable expectations for yourself and what you hope to expect from your nose surgery.

A good surgeon will also give you his personal recommendations, along with what to expect and any limitations due to your personal skin type, face, and nose.

Pictures will also be taken both for operative preparation and to fully take in what your new nose results will look like following the completion of your nose job.

Prior to Surgery

An anesthesiologist will be set and present throughout your surgery to monitor vital signs. And any documentation or testing results shall be completed beforehand.

All foods and liquids should be stopped within 6 hours before your nose surgery to avoid any complications that may arise through the use of anesthetic.

Patients with a history of smoking should also severely consider to stop or at least cut back on smoking before and after the surgery.Smoking has been known to impede healing along with the act of physically coughing will also be a detriment to correct recovery.

Day of Your Surgery

Being on time and making sure that all medical documentation and required tests are in order is imperative. Wearing comfortable and loose fitting clothing is also another thing that will greatly help the smoothness of the overall procedure. Jewelry along with any makeup or creams should also be removed before your surgery is performed.

During Your Procedure

The anesthesiologist will administer a combination of intravenous medicine along with gas. A standby nurse and technician will also be in the room with you. The entire rhinoplasty surgery usually will take between one to a few hours depending on the magnitude of your operation.


nose castOnce you are fully aware and in a good position you are set to go home under the supervision of a designated driver. Once home you need to avoid anything that would cause stress or strain to the treated area. Sitting upright to shuttle blood downward and avoid post-operative swelling should also be taken into consideration.

Localized bruising to the treated area along with surrounds parts of your face will occur. Using ice to treat the swelling and/or pain is acceptable. And usually within a week or so the bruising will subside.

Any medications taken should have been discussed with your facial cosmetic surgeon before hand to avoid any detriments to healing that unwarranted medications can cause.


Congratulations! After about 1 week the nose cast will likely be removed and within a month the majority of swelling should be under control — revealing your new nose!

Rhinoplasty Statistics

Year (Annually)Rhinoplasty Surgeries Performed Nationally


Finding The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon In Michigan

If you are wondering how to find the top rhinoplasty surgeon in Michigan then consider vetting your future surgeon through this criteria:


best rhinoplasty michiganIt is highly likely that a patient seeking a nose job in michigan will know little of the correct qualifications they should be looking for in a surgeon.

In order to seperate the herd when it comes to facial cosmetic surgeons you should look for those who have board certification.

Specifically the American Board of Medical Specialties is what’s being referred to, as they only give out specific certifications based on physicians who have met the requirements.

For example the American Board of Plastic Surgery requires surgeons to complete their rigorous medical training with the addition of more challenging sets of tests thereafter.

Prior Patient Feedback

Looking at previous rhinoplasty michigan patients who have gotten the procedure done is a very good idea. And most surgeons now a days will have their own designated websites with testimonials and pictures for you to inspect.


Another way that may help gauge to gauge a surgeons skill level is how many previous rhinoplasty surgeries they have under their belt. While not directly related to skill level; typically a surgeon who has performed more successful rhinoplasty surgeries is likely to be more skilled.